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I don’t have any business dealings with Chainlink, so why can’t I just work with the original creditor?

Your account was past due with the original creditor, so they placed your account with Chainlink Services for 3rd party customer servicing.

Who is Chainlink Services?

Chainlink Services is a full service provider of receivable management services. We perform collection services at every stage of delinquency, for every type of account.

Chainlink Services is recognized as one of the leading providers of receivable management services to some of the nation’s largest installment loan lender, credit card issuers, debt purchasers offering third party collection services for primary, secondary and tertiary accounts.

How do I know that Chainlink Services is authorized to collect on my account?

Your account was past due with the original creditor, so they placed your account with Chainlink Services for 3rd party customer servicing.

Why do I have to verify the last 4 digits of my social security number, or confirm my date of birth and address when speaking to a representative of Chainlink Services?

We verify your personal information to confirm and protect your identity before disclosing any private and / or personal financial information. This protects you, as well as Chainlink Services and is required by law as well as our clients.

Can I make a payment at the store or lender from which I originally acquired the loan or credit card?

In most cases, any payments made to the original creditor or to the store will be either rejected by the original creditor or store, or those payments will be forwarded to Chainlink Services for processing on our end. Once an account is placed with us, all communication, information sharing, transactions and payments flow through our office.

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